Effective from 1st September, 2019

Please find below notice for the statutory adjustments in September in Shanghai for your reference.




HF- The proportion of individual and companies’ contribution rate remain as 7% per each. After the adjustment, maximum contribution fee will be RMB 3448 including individual and companies’ parts (exclude the supplementary housing fund contribution). The proportion of individual and companies contribution rate of the supplementary housing fund remain as 1%-5% per each (only adopt direct integer), and the actual rate will be chosen by the company according to its own situation.


Maximum base amount 24633
Basic housing fund rate EE 7% + ER 7%
Additional housing fund(optional) rate EE 1-5% + ER 1-5%

Reference website: http://www.shgjj.com/html/newszxgg/201553.html


Thanks for your attention.