Please find below notice for the statutory adjustments in May in Shanghai for your reference. The minimum base will be increased from 4699 to 4927, and the maximum base will be increased from 23496 to 24633. The proportion of companies contribution rate of pension insurance will be decreased from 20% to 16%. The proportion of work-related injuries insurance will be adjusted within the range of 0.16% to 1.52%, and the actual rate will be determined by the social security bureau according to employer’s own situation.


SI- Please refer to below social insurance rate table. Minimum base amount is 4927. Maximum base amount is 24633.


EE Pension Insurance EE Unemployment Insurance EE Medical Insurance ER Pension Insurance ER Unemployment Insurance ER Medical Insurance ER Work-related Injuries Insurance ER Maternity Insurance
8.00% 0.50% 2.00% 16.00% 0.50% 9.50% 0.16% – 1.52% 1.00%


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