Effective from 1st July, 2019

Please find below notice for the statutory adjustments in July in China for your reference, the contribution base is according to the monthly average salary in year 2018.




HF- The proportion of individual and companies’ contribution rate remain as 12% per each. Maximum contribution fee will be RMB 6668 including individual and companies’ parts.


Maximum base amount 27786
Housing fund rate EE12% + ER12%


Reference website: http://gjj.beijing.gov.cn/web/zwgk/_300583/378324/378232/index.html


SI- Please refer to below social insurance detail table.


  EE Pension Insurance EE Unemployment Insurance EE Medical Insurance ER Pension Insurance ER Unemployment Insurance ER Medical Insurance ER Work-related Injuries Insurance ER Maternity Insurance
Maximum base amount 23565 23565 27786 23565 23565 27786 23565 27786
social insurance rate 8.00% 0.20% 2%+3 16.00% 0.80% 10.00% 0.2-1.9% Depends on the industry category 0.80%



Reference website: