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BPJS Health board has issued an update related to the terms and procedure for reporting an inactive participant (unregister) Health Insurance Program in the event of Termination of Employment (PHK).

  • Participants who receive wages (PPU), who experience layoffs still receive the right to benefit health insurance no later than 6 (six) months after the termination of employment, without paying dues with meeting the criteria:
  1. Termination of an existing industrial relations court decision is proven by industrial relations court decisions / deed
  2. Termination of Employment due to merger of companies, proven by a notarial deed
  3. Layoffs because the company went bankrupt or suffered a loss, as evidenced by a verdict bankruptcy from court
  4. Layoffs because workers experience prolonged illness and are unable to work, proven by a doctor’s letter
  • Referring to BPJS Regulation Number 5 of 2020 concerning the Second Amendment above BPJS Regulation Number 6 of 2018 concerning Administration of Guarantee Program Membership Health that the reporting of PPU participants who have experienced layoffs is as follows referred to in above statement is carried out by the Employer by bringing the application documents as follows:
  1. Statement of Absolute Responsibility from Company Leaders that explains work termination and have carried out socialization Health Insurance Program (Attachment 1)
  2. Proposal Letter of Deactivation of Workers (Attachment 2) signed by the company leader to BPJS Health along with supporting documents that prove reasons for dismissal (Attachment 3 and / or Attachment 4). In the event that it is submitted by a representative company, then it is equipped with a power of attorney
  • Reporting shall be made no later than 20th in the current month. In the event that 20th  falls on a holiday, reporting done on the next working day. If the reporting is made after 20th, Employers and Workers are obliged to pay contributions in the following month.

The changes will be reflecting in the  payroll reports effective from March 2021.

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