Dear Customers.

Financial Service Bureau has announced an update on the M2 declaration form. The updated declaration must state clearly the labour relationship between the employer and the employee, and also acknowledged the importance to report the same to FSS.

Example screenshot.

Fundo De Seguranca Social has announced updates on format for the below SSF forms effective from October 1, 2020:

  • Full Time Local Employee SSF
  • Full Time Local Employee  SSF Change of Employment
  • Part Time Local Enployee SSF

Two new boxes have been updated in the forms, the boxes must be checked for the submission to FSS to declare that an employment relationship is established with the individual mentioned above, and the individual is not the employer himself; the spouse or a person in a fact relationship; or a family memeber sharing same residence; and the employment contract relationship is provided without the nature of authority and direction. In addition, if the individual is salaried and is a share holder of the limited company, photocopies of an approved M2 by DSF and an employment contract are required to submit together with the SSF form.

Example screenshot.

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