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With refer to the final update from the government regarding an amendment of minimum wage, under Minimum Wage Order (MWO) 2022 that was gazette on 27th April 2022, it has been decided that :

a)    Minimum wage of MYR1,500 per month is effective 1st May 2022:

1)    For an employer who employs 5 or more employees; and

2)    For an employer who runs a professional activity that is classified under Malaysia Standard Classification of Occupations (MASCO) 2020 which are professional science and engineering; health; education; business and administration; information technology and communication; law and legislation; hospitality services; social and cultural and regulatory body regardless number of employee employed

b)    Minimum wage of MYR1,500 effective 1st January 2023 for an employer with less than 5 employees

Please refer below table:

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