Greetings from i-Admin.

From 1 August 2022, the Record of Payment (ROP) will indicate any mismatch between the new employees’ names you have provided and the names indicated in their NRICs.

CPF contributions are credited to your employees’ CPF accounts based on the NRIC numbers you have provided in your CPF submission.

You are reminded to rectify any errors promptly based on the follow-up actions indicated on the ROP as the mismatched employees’ name will only be flagged out once.

Kindly note that matching is only done on the principal name, so you should not key in variants such as hanyu pinyin and aliases.

Please kindly inform your i-Admin’s Payroll Team if you would like to rectify employees’ names to be same as per their NRICs.

The announcement from CPF board is for your reference as attached below:

Yours Sincerely,