With effect from 01 April 2019

From 1 April 2019, there will be changes to the Employment Act. The changes include:
1. Covering all employees under the Employment Act.
Managers and executives with a monthly basic salary of more than $4,500 will be covered by the Employment Act. Currently, they are not covered by the Employment Act. This means that all employees in Singapore will be covered for core provisions such as:
– Minimum days of annual leave.
– Paid public holidays and sick leave.
– Timely payment of salary.
– Statutory protection against wrongful dismissal.

2. Covering more non-workmen under Part IV of the Employment Act.
Additional protection on hours of work, overtime pay and rest days for:
– Non-workmen earning up to $2,600/month will be covered under Part IV of the Employment Act.
– Overtime rate payable for non-workmen capped at $2,600/month.

3. Wrongful dismissal claims to be heard by ECT.
Currently, these claims are heard by the Minister of Manpower. As the ECT already hears salary-related claims, this shift will provide a more convenient one-stop service to both employees and employers.

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