K.E.Y. to Success:

Keep Educating Yourself.

Train with us

As an Asian Payroll Services provider, i-Admin is a pioneer in the outsourcing industry serving our clients, big and small, across various industries and locations. While we have grown leaps and bounds over the years, it has always been our passion to share our knowledge for the benefit of others. As a result of this passion, the Asian Payroll Academy has been formed, to provide workshops, seminars and formal training courses for HR executives and Payroll experts across Asia and around the world.


Whether you are a HR person looking at moving to Payroll, or you are already a Payroll Expert and looking to expand your knowledge, we provide courses to facilitate all your needs. Our training program will help equip you with everything you need to know about your country’s payroll needs, no matter where you are in Asia.

Here’s what’s covered in our programs:

payroll services provider - do's and don'ts in managing payroll

Do’s and Dont’s in
managing payroll

payroll services provider - a holistic payroll: what, how, when and why

A holistic payroll:
What, How, When and Why

payroll services provider - regional statutory updates and compliance

Regional statutory
updates and compliance

Payroll Seminars and Workshops

Our Statutory Consultants collect and understand statutory and payroll regulatory updates across the region. Join our seminars and workshops to get the latest updates and required information for your organisation, wherever you are.