Save on Infrastructure Costs.

Grow your business.

Payroll Outsourcing

Whether you’re a small business with a local office, an MNC with multiple offices in the region, or anything in between, i-Admin offers flexible, hands-free payroll solutions for your business. Our payroll expertise ensures that your business runs smoothly, wherever you are.


    Ensure accurate payments to your employees by submitting your monthly payment instructions, so we can manage your payroll for you.


    Our dedicated team then reviews, confirms and processes all calculations related to your payroll, such as new hires, fixed items and tax.


    Effortlessly keep track of your monthly payroll with generated reports, bank file listings and disks, as well as payslips for your employees


payroll outsourcing - save costs

Save costs

No need for new infrastructure
  • Save resources used on employing and training full-time HR staff
  • Maintain existing payroll systems even with changes in company infrastructure
payroll outsourcing - focus on core business

Focus on core business

Run your company worry-free
  • Free up valuable resources for your business operations
  • Cut down on tedious admin work
  • Focus on managing your business and improving productivity
payroll outsourcing - statutory expertise

Statutory expertise

Ensure full regulatory compliance
  • Avoid sifting through ever-changing, complex regulations to stay updated
  • Run your business without worrying about unnecessary fines and penalties
payroll outsourcing - no software required

No software required

Use our existing platforms and systems
  • Save on software sourcing, installation, support and IT maintenance costs
  • Get seamless customisation and software integration into your company’s system, with minimal effort
payroll outsourcing - simple scalability

Simple scalability

Expand your business easily
  • Easy scalability at a minimal cost
  • Grow your team without dealing with increasing payroll complexity
  • Implement payroll changes, such as new hires and claims, without worry
payroll outsourcing - get secure

Get Secure

Ensure that your data is safe
  • Keep your payroll data on a remote server for safekeeping
  • Limit access to your sensitive information
  • Never lose your data again
payroll outsourcing - keep your business moving

Keep your business moving

No matter who is running this system
  • Documented system and data recovery procedures ensure knowledge transfer between staff
  • Assure business continuity with our multiple work site infrastructure
  • Annual reviews to improve familiarity with all new procedures

Multi-country and local payroll support.

  • Flexible solutions to address your business’ needs wherever you are
  • Ensure up-to-date statutory compliance for your country
  • Fast, accurate and secure payroll administration
  • Streamline your business operations

Making Custodial & Lodgement services hassle-free.

  • Timely submission of employees’ provident funds, benefits & statutory documentation
  • Single source solution for money movement services across Asia
  • Streamline payments to employees and relevant statutory boards
  • Monthly or annual withholding of taxes

Flexible pricing for End-to-End Manage Payroll.

Our subscription model is specially tailored to fit your company’s needs. Fees are based on number of employees and we provide multi-country and multi-price subscription models, whatever the size of your company and wherever you are located.

Outsource Your Payroll with Us