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3 Tips To Get Your Work Drive Back After A Long Weekend

With the numerous long weekends in Singapore, there is no denying that the post-holiday blues is likely to creep in to the workplace on a Monday. And with everyone in the office feeling that post-long weekend blues, it can be quite a struggle to get back into the swing of things.

While the responsibility of keeping employees motivated tend to fall on the shoulders of the line managers, employers themselves are likely to feel the post-holiday blues as well. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone within the workplace, both employers and employees, strive to motivate each other to get back on track after a long weekend.

Here are some tips to get the work drive back after a long weekend or perhaps even after a long holiday.

Avoid back to back meetings

With the first few days of getting back to office, it would be best to keep work light at least for the first few days if possible. After all, employees might have gone to exotic places such as Hokkaido or spent quality time with family over the long weekend or holiday period. It would be difficult to quickly adjust back to the hectic work schedule. Eventually, employees might feel even more burned out than before.

Organise “fun meetings”

While the idea is not to organise too many meetings within the first few days back at work, organising an informal meeting such as casual lunch meetings can help to slowly kick start the work adrenaline. At the same time, it is a great opportunity for teams to relook at the goals for the year. This will not only help to create renewed focus amongst employees, it also helps to ensure that employees stay aligned to the team’s and business’ goals.

Personal motivation

One way to keep employees motivated after a long way is to take an personalised approach. It could be something as simple as greeting employees, regardless of their level or the work they do, with a genuine smile or perhaps sending a personalised email message to welcome employees back from the long holiday.

Getting back into the hectic work schedule no doubt requires a lot of “inertia” from any employee after a good break over the long weekend. Nonetheless, a gradual slip back into the daily work routine does not require a lot of effort. A simple smile, a personalised greeting or simply taking things slow for the first few days can help employees get back on track after any long weekend.

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