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HK financial institutions only


Do You Know Hong Kong's Banking CPT Requirements?

Did you know that fellow Certified Bankers and Professional Members are required to comply with the Continuous Professional Training (CPT) requirements set out by the HKMA?

The objective of implementing the CPT requirements is to ensure banking practitioners continue to maintain, upgrade and broaden their knowledge and perspectives throughout their careers. The reason for CPT is to ensure that individuals pursue ongoing professional improvement, which in turn will rise the standards of the wider industry.

Find out more details regarding CPT requirements in the report below! report.png

Keep track of continuous professional development with i-Admin’s Training Tracking System

Our Training Tracking System helps financial institutions comply with license renewal regulations and manage them in a more efficient manner. The use of cloud technology approach on tracking continuous professional training not only contributes to the digitisation of training management processes but also makes compliance knowledge actionable to everyone. This helps organizations avoid compliance breaches by always staying up to date with regulatory requirements.

Our system is able to accommodate financial institutions of all sizes. Digitalize a heavily manual training management processes allow a more streamlined communication between departments, enabling teams to focus on customers and generate more revenue.

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