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Track Your Day


Log your hours, wherever you are. 

eManage your week better with eTimesheet.

eTimesheet allows employees to key daily working hours into the system instead of filling in hardcopy timesheets. This tool is especially handy for companies with large numbers of hourly-paid or temporary personnel, freeing HR from deciphering handwritten timesheets.

Our proprietary cloud-based platform enables your employees to log their time from wherever they might be, ensuring accurate and timely compliance and management of their attendance. Working hours are automatically calculated based on the times keyed in, and reports can be downloaded in Excel format. Additionally, your employees’ working hours can be integrated directly into our ePayroll system, ensuring a secure and automatic transfer of data.

Features & Benefits
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Work At Your Pace 

Your employees can fill out their timesheets online and at their convenience

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Seamless Payroll Integration

Integration between eTimesheet and ePayroll allow for a seamless transfer of time worked into your payroll calculations

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Fully Customisable 

Flexible rules and settings allow for different job grades of employees to receive different benefits

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Detailed Reports

Downloadable reports allow managers to view details and employees working habits and trends tracking.png

Simple Allowance Tracking 

Meal and transport allowances can be tracked and logged through the interface, and receipts uploaded directly to the system

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Easy Overtime Calculations

Built-in editable calendars ensure that your company’s holiday schedule is embedded into the platform, allowing for simple OT calculations

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