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D.I.Y Interface


Simple, intuitive and flexible.


Our simple and intuitive ePayroll platform offers you a D.I.Y HR solution for your business. With our flexible Software-as-a-System (SaaS) delivery model and per-employee-per-month subscription pricing, you can run your company’s payroll just the way you like it.

Our platform includes our HRIS, staffAdmin, which comes with an employee self-service portal and is fully-integrated with our suite of eHR products to faciliate easy data transfers for all your HR tasks. staffAdmin stores all required statutory information, leave calendars and cost center information for ease of management and to ensure that your employees are paid accurately each month.

i-admin_Site_Illustration_55.uplaod changes.png
Upload your changes online 

Our secure platform allows you to easily upload information on new hires, termination cases and review both variable and fixed pay items.

i-admin_Site_Illustration_56.process payroll.png
Process your payroll 

Once all changes are done, you will then be able to run the payroll, verify the results and proceed with the payment process.

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Generate Reports & Payslips

Effortlessly keep track of monthly payments with electronic payslips and reports that you can access online, at your convenience.

Features & Benefits
58.detailed report.png

Detailed Reports

A plethora of reports are available as Microsoft Excel downloads, including Payroll Details, Monthly Reconciliation, Statutory Contribution, Bank File and Bank Disk, amongst others, 24-7 access.png

Safe, 24/7 Data Access

Our secure, controlled platform keeps your payroll information protected and confidential, so you can feel safe accessing your data anytime, anywhere

62.100% intergrated.png

100% Integrated with
i-admin Apps 

Use i-Admin’s ePayroll, eLeave and eTimesheet systems for seamless processing of payroll, leave management, and time and attendance tasks

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Still filing provident funds through Provident Fund portals? Automate your provident funds filing with AutoFiling without human intervention. Feature is available in Singapore and certain Hong Kong MPF Trustees.

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Stay On Top Of Payroll

Individual user accounts allow you to easily generate, track and access your monthly ePayslips and reports database.png

Consolidated Cloud Database

Keep your payroll data on a remote server for safekeeping

Limit access to your sensitive information

Never lose your data again



Still doing cheque payment and entering payments through banking portals? Automate salary disbursements with AutoWage without human intervention. Feature is available in Singapore and Hong Kong. database copy.png

Subscription Service Model

No large up-front costs or annual maintenance fees. Just pay each month on a per-employee-per-month basis with no capital expenditure costs required

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