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No Messy Paperwork

Log claims on-the-go. 
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eClaims - access anywhere, anytime 

eClaims eliminates the messy paperwork involved in a traditional manual claims process. Incurred an expense while traveling overseas? You can immediately log the claim amount and relevant remarks in an online form, save it and complete it at a later date.

Our web-based eClaims application can be accessed anywhere and anytime to help your employees simplify the hassle of travel and expense claims processing. Workflow automation is another key benefit of utilising the platform, notifying supervisors and managers via email when claims are ready to be approved. For those managers out of town, a delegation function is also available to ensure that all claims get processed in a timely manner.

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Upload Your changes Online

Our secure platform allows you to easily upload information on new hires, termination cases and review both variable and fixed pay items.

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Process Your Payroll 

Once all changes are done, you will then be able to run the payroll, verify the results and proceed with the payment process.

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Generate Reports & Payslips

Effortlessly keep track of monthly payments with electronic payslips and reports that you can access online, at your convenience.

Features & Benefits
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Customise To Fit Your Hr Needs

Our system allows for you to configure and set up parameters for customising claim items

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Notifications On-The-Go

Receive email notifications for pending or approved claims for easy tracking wherever you go

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Online Reports 

Get access to online reports that you can create and check easily from your device

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Increased Operation Efficiency 

Our system provides automated claim submission reminders and 24/7 data access

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Claim Amount Capping

Allows you to put a claim amount cap and produce easy proration cheques

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Claim Approval Delegation

Our system allows you to have a claim approval delegation function

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Fully Compliant

We ensure full compliance with all statutory claim guidelines in the region

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Streamlined Claims Process

eClaims allows you to have a transparent and standardized approval flow

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