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4 Things To Consider When Analyzing Payroll Processes

With the proliferation of HR systems and payroll outsourcing, payroll processes are slowly being streamlined. However, before jumping onto the payroll software bandwagon, it is critical to assess your payroll processes. Is your HR system in-line with your payroll processes? Does your HR system meet your payroll needs? It is best to assess your payroll processes beforehand to identify the areas for potential improvement. This can help narrow down your choices when in search for the ideal payroll solution. Not sure how to start? Here are some basic steps in reviewing your payroll processes.

Map out the end-to-end processing

Chart out each of the payroll processes that requires reviewing. Track the end-to-end processing, from the very start of the payroll process to the end of the process and from person to person. The main objective is to identify the bottlenecks as these are the areas that require improvements. Additionally, keep a lookout for certain stages that typically incur a lot of errors. Are the causes of these mistakes typically human or technical errors? Can they be minimised? Finally, the mapping processing should identify any steps that are redundant and slowing down the payroll processes.

Identify and be clear of your payroll needs

Though you might be tempted to immediately rectify any mistakes and redundancies that you have identified, do not do that. Instead, using the information that you have gathered from reviewing your payroll processes, take time to think about the strategic priorities for your review. Identify what are the key priorities and whether they are in line with the organisation’s goals. Consider the whole picture rather than working on improving the processes on a micro level. Tweaking one processes might have a significant impact on another process. Remember that the main goal is for the payroll processes to run seamlessly with other organisational processes.

Redesigning your payroll processes

After addressing the vital issues and deciding on the strategy, it is time to start redesigning and putting those strategies in place. However, bear in mind some of the opportunities and constraints. Take note of any possible security and compliances issues. Additionally, be aware of the impact on other HR functions such as benefits administration or time and leave attendance when redesigning your payroll processes. Most importantly, take into account your employees’ feedback. Gather feedback from your employees before implementing any changes.

Consider all options

Be open to new ideas or suggestions. Adopting a “that’s the way it has always been done” might limit your options when redesigning your payroll processes. Talk to industry experts for insights on what are the current market practices. This can ensure that your payroll processes are up to date with market practices.

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