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Advantages of Multi-Country Payroll Outsourcing for Global Companies

There was a time in the dim and distant past when all payroll processes were handled manually, but this was one of the first areas of business to be outsourced and automated, and it’s not hard to understand why. Asia’s booming business hubs have attracted a spectrum of international businesses, however achieving a high level of payroll performance in the Asia region presents challenges for organisations of any size – from Multinational Corporations to established medium enterprise players.

Payroll is inherently complex, whether you are an employer with a handful of employees or a multinational with thousands. It has becomes difficult to keep a track of local regulations and laws related to payroll. Multi-country payroll outsourcing providers have the required expertise to handle such difficulties.

The major advantages of multi-country payroll outsourcing that companies can gain are listed below:

• Companies opting for multi-country payroll can benefit from the proven track record of the payroll providers in extending solutions fitting multiple clients – The one-to-many approach.

• Use of powerful tools, by multi-country payroll outsourcing providers can help deliver consistent levels of service in various countries. The shared environment also aids cost effectiveness.

• Since the multi-country payroll provider is capable of servicing multiple clients at the same time and on the same platform, they are more likely to have optimized technical and human resources.

• Companies opting for multi-country payroll outsourcing also benefit from the economies of scale.

• Help companies reduce the time spent behind implementation of changes by using a template-based approach. This also drives methodology and facilitates implementation in each country.

Before setting off down the road towards multi-country payroll, take a deep breath, and try to keep your expectations realistic. The market is responding with a host of technical and outsourced administrative solutions that have been discussed at length above to assist global organisations by offering differentiated solutions designed to support the specific operating environments of any of the multi-country payroll operating models.

At i-Admin, we fully understand the importance of adhering to all the local statutory regulations in each country. Having our in-country payroll consultants and coupled with our centrally managed platform, we provide a hearty business continuity plan to ensure no disruption of service, regardless of location.

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