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Knocking Off? Leave the Work Stress Behind

After a long day at work, we are bound to feel stressed and exhausted. Even for those who adore their jobs, work can still prove to be tiring and all-consuming. The last thing we want is to take home these lingering feelings of stress and steal our supposedly relaxation time. Even worst, we might at times unknowingly take out our stress on friends and loved ones. Bringing home these unwanted stress from work can put a strain on relationships and our health.

The truth is, the day that you are able to go home from a clear desk is never going to happen (not unless you quit). There will always be work left undone. However, how do you minimise the feeling of stress and worry of work when you are home? Here are some tips for you to leave the work stress behind when you are knocking off.

Leave Your Work at Work

One key reason why most people still experience the work stress while at home is because they take work home! Make it a point to leave work at the office and only bring work home under exceptional circumstances. While this might not sound feasible especially for those holding more senior positions, designate a few hours each day to spend quality time with loved ones and eliminate the work distractions. These few steps can prevent work from putting a strain on your relationships.

Work Out After Work

Studies have shown that people who exercise on works days are more productive, happier and suffer less stress than on non-gym days. It is a great way to take out any work frustrations by hitting the stair climber or some vigourous boxing classes. Not only is this a healthier way of venting out work stress, it is a great way to boost your mood while at work too!

Get Rid of the 24/7 Email Addiction

In this era of smartphones and tablets, emails are taking over our lives. With the constant buzzing of incoming work emails on the Blackberry, constant checking of work emails creates unnecessary stress even after work hours. Restrict yourself to check emails only at certain times after knocking off. Encourage your coworkers to call you should anything urgent crop up. This is help minimise your stress during your nightly hiatus for the well-deserved rest.

Set Aside Alone Time

Instead of allowing work responsibilities to take over your life, give yourself some alone time to pursue personal interests or improve your well-being. It could be something simple such as reading a book at a cafe after work, or taking up skills-related classes such as baking or painting. These simple activities can allow you to rediscover your own sense of identity and inner peace.

In today’s workplace where everyone is constantly connected and swamped with work, work stress is inevitable. However, by learning to manage and keep professional stress outside of our personal lives, this can help minimise any negative impacts on relationships and our health.

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