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MY Statutory Update_SOCSO Update - SOCSO Contribution for Foreign Worker/Expatriate

Dear All,


We would like to inform that PERKESO has announced new changes for foreign worker/expatriate SOCSO Contribution rate under Invalidity Scheme effective 1st July 2024

Changes are;


  1. Foreign workers will use the same rate as local/PR employee for SOCSO Contribution based on 1st and 2nd category SOCSO Tables.

  2. Foreign workers below age 60 will follow 1st category table, same as local.

  3. Foreign workers above age 60 will follow 2nd category table, same as local.

  4. Foreign workers who first join the SOCSO scheme at age 55 or older will also follow the 2nd category table, same as local.



Please find the information from here.


Yours Sincerely,

i-Admin Malaysia

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