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Expanding Opportunities: 
A compelling & strategic marketplace 

One of the world’s most compelling marketplaces, China offers higly developed infrastructures, skilled workforces and access to all parts of Asia. As new companies and MNCs expand into China, they often find its complex regulations daunting. i-Admin’s payroll outsourcing services ensure that your company meets full compliance, making it easier for you to run your business.

Here's what we offer in China

  • Payroll Outsourcing 

  • Custodial & Lodgement 

  • HR Administration 

  • Self-Service Payroll 

  • Adminbook 

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Statutory Filings

Housing Fund contributions

Social Insurance contributions
(according to provincial criteria)

Registration of new hires’ information

Submission of terminated

employees’ information

Annual filing of employees’ base salary amounts

Tax Filings

Monthly withholding tax deductions (IIT)

Year End IIT Declaration for Employees with annual earnings of RMB 120,000 and over

Annual Leave Entitlement in China


Public Holidays


Leave Days
(Based on service length) 

Replacement days off must be given if an employee is asked to work on public holidays. The China Employment Act has 5 leave days as the minimum for employees who serve 1-10 years. This increases to 10 leave days for 10-20 years of employment and 15 leave days for over 20 years of continuous employment.

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