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3 Ways To Use Technology To Build A Digital Workplace

A conducive work environment creates motivated employees, improving employee engagement levels and reducing turnover rates. Overall, this contributes to the overall business revenue, lowering costs and profitability for the business in the long run.

The definition of a “good” workplace is ever-changing. At the same time, this definition also differs between organisations across industries. Yet this does not change the fact that organisations are constantly trying to improve their existing workplace environment – be it to make it a better environment for employees or simply to maintain the status quo.

With the advancement of technology today, this can significantly help organisations to build a better workplace for employees. Here are some ways in which technology can be leveraged upon to create a conducive work environment for employees.

Building a strong Employee Value Proposition

Majority of organisations struggle with the issue of departments working in silos instead of cohesively. This results in departments being detached and misaligned with the overall organisation goals. The best way to ensure that departments do not lose sight of the organisation’s goals is to ensure that there is a strong foundation of Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in place. Senior management and HR can make use of the organisation’s intranet or set up a microsite to clearly state the organisation’s EVP. That way, employees are made aware of how they can contribute individually, beyond their own departments, to the organisation.

Enhance the employee experience

The last thing that employees want to struggle with is on the organisation’s internal software or finding someone within the organisation. More often than not, organisations have implemented numerous software that it makes it extremely difficult for employees to access multiple databases on a single platform. The lack of clarity on who to look for in such cases simply makes the situation worse. As such, creating a smart office can significantly enhance the overall employee experience within the workplace such as chatbot for employees to direct their queries. Such enhancements can keep employees engaged and they are likely to stay around longer.

Encourage office collaboration

Today, remote workers are increasingly common within organisations. However, this lack of face time can also result in poor communication and lack of collaboration amongst employees. Besides an open space office concept, online communication tools such as video conference and team messaging apps can help to bridge the gap between employees working remotely and employees in office. This helps to boost employees’ and team’s productivity in the long run.

Technology is a powerful tool in terms of boosting employees’ productivity and keeping employees engaged. At the same time, technology can help to automate numerous HR administrative tasks, improving efficiencies and reducing costs for the organisation. There are plenty of software tools in the market today to assist organisations in building up that dream workplace environment. If your organisation has yet to start investing in technology, perhaps it would be good to start today given the Digital Resilience Bonus support offered in Singapore to offset the cost of digital transformation.

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