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4 Top Tips For Happier And Productive Employees

Given that we are midway through the year, the time comes of the annual mid-year performance review. For managers and HR, it could also be a dreaded period given that it is when employees voice out their unhappiness and dissatisfaction within the organisation.

According to Mercer’s Singapore Employee Engagement Index 2018, it found Singapore in the second last place for work engagement in the Asia Pacific region. The index found that only 67 percent of employees in Singapore are willing to advocate for their companies as good places to work in, compared to the regional average of 76 percent.

This figure is certainly a cause for concern and the responsibility falls onto HR and the respective managers to ensure that employees remain happy and engaged in the long run.

While there is no doubt some employees that are already engaged at work, here are five tips to ensure that employees are happier and more productive at work.

Health first

Healthier employees translate to happier and productive employees. After all, a healthy employee does not need to worry about health issues and healthcare costs. HR can do their part to encourage employees to be in charge of their health by providing them avenues to do so. These might include lunchtime fitness classes, organising regular complimentary health check-ups for employees or even providing gym membership discounts.

Personalise reward packages

Today’s workplace is made up of various generations. As such, the expectation when it comes to remuneration varies for different groups of employees. Given that a one-size-fits-all remuneration package is not always suitable for all groups of employees, it is imperative for HR to understand what works for each group of employees and then tailor remuneration packages to meet the needs of each employee group. For instance, employees with family commitments might value a flexible work arrangement for personal family matters while younger and single employees might value more paid time-off for vacation or career development opportunities.

Diversity and Inclusion

Millennials, who make up the largest proportion of our workforce today, are increasingly drawn towards organisations that place an emphasis on diversity and inclusivity. Initiatives towards gender equality and LGBT can help to attract and retain these group of employees. At the same time, HR can also organise volunteer activities to provide a platform for employees to give back to society. This can help employees to find meaning in their workplace beyond their daily work tasks.

Encourage movement

Part of encouraging happier and productive employees is to allow employees the flexibility to leave an environment if it does not allow them to work to their full potential. It does not mean the employee leaving the organisation but creating spaces that allow employees to work productively. It could be having a no-phones designated space in the office or a discussion room whereby employees can have meetings without disrupting others. Not only does this encourage employees to take charge of their own productivity, it encourages employees to move around and not be confined to their designated work desks all the time.

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