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Business travellers to Malaysia can now apply for eVISAs

According to Berry Appleman & Leiden’s latest advisory, Malaysia’s eVISA programme is now available for business travellers as well. Previously, the eVISA and VISA-free programme was launched in March 2016, for tourists from China and India to travel to Malaysia easily.

Now, nationals from the following countries may apply for business eVISAs:

  1. China

  2. India

  3. Sri Lanka

  4. Nepal

  5. Myanmar

  6. Bangladesh

  7. Pakistan

  8. Bhutan

  9. Serbia

  10. Montenegro

Permitted activities on a business eVISA, as with a consular business visa, are limited to:

  1. Visiting a current project site or factory floor for informational purposes with no hands-on work

  2. Attending contract discussions

  3. Attending seminars

  4. Auditing company accounts

  5. Journalism

  6. Factory inspection

  7. Carrying out investment opportunity surveys

  8. Sport competitions

Upon application, eVISA holders are entitled to stay up to a maximum of 30 days for each visit in Malaysia, while the eVISA is valid for three months. Each application can only be used once and no extension is allowed.

Credit: Natasha Ganesan


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