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Creating A Job Description To Attract Good Payroll Managers

Looking for top talents to fill in the vacancy of your payroll manager role? It is possible – but only with the right job description that will attract these talents. Managing the entire company’s payroll duties is no doubt a heavy and crucial responsibility. Ideally, you would want someone who is reliable, meticulous (as the person will be dealing with huge sums of money), good with numbers and trustworthy of course. 

Thus, it is important to craft the job description for your payroll manager duties in the right manner to find someone with the perfect fit.

Here is some information to consider when crafting out that your payroll manager job description.

Define what is a payroll manager

Different companies might have different definitions of a payroll manager. Thus, it is important to clearly define what is a payroll manager in your job description. Typically, a payroll manager oversees the tasks that involves compensation to employees. This includes calculating, reviewing salary reports as well as salary disbursement to employees. Moreover, a payroll manager may also be required to supervise the payroll department and payroll workers in these payroll processes.

Specify what is involved in payroll administration

A payroll manager is required to be familiar with payroll processes and carry out payroll administrative tasks as well. Thus, specify what is involved in payroll administration. Essentially, payroll administration includes any tasks that involves managing compensation for employees. At a payroll manager level, this could also include drafting out salary structures or compensation packages for employees.

Clearly state the payroll manager duties

In your job description, it is imperative to clearly state the payroll manage duties to avoid misinterpretation by your potential candidate pool. List it down in short bullet points and use clear and concise statements.

Here are some, but not limited to, duties that a payroll manager role entail:

  1. Creating and upholding payroll policies and procedures within the organisation

  2. Maintain and oversee payroll operations within organisation

  3. Work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure proper tax filings

  4. Keep abreast of latest legislative changes

  5. Prepare relevant payroll reports for management on monthly, quarterly or year-end basis.

Specify the skills and qualifications you look for in a payroll manager

The ideal payroll manager should have clear understanding of the payroll procedures and relevant systems. Here are some of the skill sets and qualifications you should look out for when sourcing for your payroll manager.

  1. Strong background in mathematics, statistics, accounting, finance or other disciplines with a strong numerical background

  2. Detail-oriented with an eye for numbers with the ability to see matters at a micro level.

  3. General understanding of the various software

  4. Able to work under pressure as well as leadership skills

These tips are just some suggestions on narrowing down your talent pool to finding the ideal payroll manager for your organisation. Besides that, do note that there are other factors that might come into play as well, such as compensation terms as well as cultural fit.


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