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How Does i-Admin Payroll Work? Here Are 6 Key Differences

i-Admin is a leading regional payroll outsourcing provider, serving a wide range of clients across Asia, from local SMEs to global Fortune 50 companies. Our proprietary technology platform offers payroll solutions to 15 countries all around Asia. We also provide a singular web-based platform to deliver online Human Resource modules including electronic payslips and employee self-portal to our clients’ employees.

We are fully aware of the plethora of payroll providers in the market. However, what makes us unique and distinct from the rest? Here is our value proposition and the suite of payroll and HR solutions that we offer:

1. Regional presence across Asia with local support

Across Asia, there are only a handful of outsourced payroll providers that have the capability to support multi-country payroll processing. i-Admin happens to be one of them. On top of payroll processing, our suite of HR solutions includes employee pass administration services and employee self-service portals to support your organisation’s cross-border HR needs.

On top of the regional coverage that we provide, we also have local support teams to provide on-the-ground customer service. We understand that language barriers and differing time zones can sometimes add on to existing HR frustrations. Providing our clients with local customer service support also provides that assurance and rapport in terms of understanding local practices and cultural norms.

2. All-in-one HR solutions on a single platform

Payroll processing is our core bread and butter. However, we also offer an extensive range of HR solutions including payroll calculation, remittance, tax filing, salary disbursements, and even employee onboarding. You may find the full suite of our HR solutions here. The best part is that clients are able to utilise this array of HR solutions for cross-country payroll processing on a single platform!

Why is this beneficial, you may ask in our previous article, we have highlighted the extensive cost savings and streamlined processes that a singular outsourced HR platform brings about. On top of the monetary and operational benefits, a single HR platform helps to ensure accurate payroll and employee data, facilitating strategic decision-making for the business.

3. Customisable services and pricing plans

Given the plethora of HR solutions that we have, this allows clients the option to provide customised services and pricing options. For example, some organisations may only require outsourced payroll processing. Other organisations may need to outsource a significant chunk of their payroll function including statutory filings and salary disbursements. Either way, it is completely fine! We offer clients the flexibility to customise the solutions that they purchase depending on their HR needs. Similarly, i-Admin’s pricing plan is based on a per-employee-per-month subscription that is flexible based on the number of employees being processed.

4. Workday-certified Global Payroll Partner

i-Admin is also a Workday Certified Global Payroll Partner. This means that i-Admin is able to support seamless integration between Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and the i-Admin platform. With the Payroll Effective Change Interface (PECI), this allows employee data management and any changes in payroll data to be easily updated within the employee data. This helps to automate administrative payroll operations, eliminate unnecessary paperwork, minimises the risk of manual data entry errors – all while ensuring that employees are paid timely and accurately.

5. Ease of integration with existing Human Capital Management systems

Payroll solution and HCM technology can be easily integrated on a singular platform. This is particularly helpful for clients that have a regional presence and wish to consolidate their payroll processes into a single platform for ease of management.

Given i-Admin’s fluidity in systems integration, this allows your payroll platform to be easily integrated with other software platforms including accounting and corporate bank accounts. Being a cloud-based platform, this means that employee and payroll data are all securely stored on the cloud and easily accessible as well. This scalability feature is particularly crucial for businesses who are looking to expand their regional operations without having to worry about setbacks in terms of HR administration.

6. In-house Software-as-a-Service HR management application

One of our winning HR solutions would undoubtedly be eHR, our in-house Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) HR management application that is integrated with our payroll. Through our secured eHR portal, clients can easily automate administrative payroll processes while ensuring a seamless workflow for the employees!

The best part about eHR is that it caters to businesses of different headcount sizes. It allows organisations with multiple entities across various countries to access the platform with a single sign-on. Given the complexities in handling payroll across multiple countries while dealing with differing payroll legislations and labour laws, a single consolidated platform ensures that data is securely stored and easily accessible via a single database.

The broad umbrella of eHR encompasses ePayroll, eLeave, eClaims and eTimesheets. This means that employees can easily access this system to view their individual payroll details, including payslips, claims submission, or tax forms. Migrating HR processes to the cloud also means that enhancements can be made in terms of user experience. eHR can easily be accessed via a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Not only does this benefit HR in terms of streamlined workflow processes, it boosts the overall employee experience in terms of HR functions.


Every business is likely to have their own reservations in terms of the type of HR software system that they use as well as the functionalities that they require. However, we are pretty sure that every organisation is working towards that same goal – streamlined workflows, cost savings  and operational efficiencies. Whether you are looking for a simple payroll application or a sophisticated suite of HR technologies that integrates the entire employee experience, i-Admin offers our clients this flexibility to pick and select depending on the organisation’s needs.

Get in touch with our team here to find out more about how we can partner and support you on your payroll needs.

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