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Inexpensive Ways to Thank Co-Workers

Peer recognition is immensely powerful.

Show your co-workers how impressed you are with their job performance or how much you appreciate their help, using these simple ideas:

Email the person’s boss and cc him or her.

Tell a co-worker’s supervisor exactly what the person did and how it helped you or the organization. Receiving the compliment is wonderful; having your co-worker know that you went the extra mile is even better.

Write a thank-you note.

Actually take the time to pen a note in a card or on pretty card stock. Thank the person and describe specifically what the person did to help you or make your life easier.

Treat them to food.

Doughnuts, homemade cookies, Cup of Latte or Tea and other snacks, along with a heartfelt message of appreciation, are great ways to thank your entire team. Or take a co-worker who went the extra mile for you out to lunch.

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