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Infographics: What drives happiness in Hong Kong’s workplaces?

While bosses are not able to drive down Hong Kong’s property prices – a major source of frustration for Hongkongers – there are plenty of other things they can do to make employees happier.

A new report entitled It’s time we all work happy : The secrets of the happiest companies and employees, commissioned by Robert Half, reveals the drivers behind employee happiness and how businesses can nurture a positive work culture.

Here are six key factors that contribute to workplace happiness according to the report:

  1. Right fit for the job and company:When companies hire people who fit well with their workplace culture, they acclimatise with greater ease and begin making substantive contributions quickly.

  2. A sense of empowerment:Empowering staff to make decisions on their own, or with minimal direction from superiors, improves employee happiness.

  3. Feeling appreciated:Establishing a positive working environment where employees feel appreciated for the work they do will make employees happier.

  4. Interesting and meaningful work:Gaining a sense of meaningful progress and achievement and being proud of the organisation are crucial elements for employee happiness.

  5. A sense of fairness:Being treated with fairness and respect – whether it’s about remuneration, decision-making or workplace behaviour – is one of the key drivers of workplace happiness.

  6. Positive workplace relationships:Maintaining healthy, supportive workplace relationships is an important source of happiness for employees.

Infograhics Happiness in Hong Kong Workplaces

Adam Johnston, managing director at Robert Half Hong Kong, said since the city leads the world in number of working hours, companies can certainly benefit from having a happier workplace whilst also increasing productivity..

He advised Hong Kong businesses to take a proactive approach towards ensuring workplace happiness by not only promoting staff empowerment and a positive company culture, but also by creating a culture of staff appreciation and fairness and respect for the entire workforce.

“Workplace happiness starts with finding candidates who are the right fit for the role and the company. The foundations for building a happy workforce lie in sourcing the right professionals, who have a genuine interest in the job, the proper skills and temperament. This allows employees to build satisfying and fulfilling careers in the long-term while adding significant value to their organisation’s success,” concluded Johnston.

Source: Anthony Wong, Infographic: Robert Half


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