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Workday and i-Admin’s Partnership at Workday Elevate Tokyo 2023: Unlocking the Future of Payro

The Workday Elevate Tokyo 2023 event held on June 23rd at the prestigious Grand Hyatt witnessed a major milestone for i-Admin. As a trusted partner of Workday since 2012, i-Admin was selected among the 11 partners invited to join Workday’s annual event. This gathering held remarkable importance as it marked Workday’s first in-person event in four years, making it even more significant in shaping the future of payroll processing.

This remarkable event brought together industry leaders, experts, and progressive businesses, serving as a platform to explore the synergies between these two powerhouses. Let’s dive into the key insights and takeaways from this momentous collaboration.


Workday Elevate Tokyo 2023 acted as a catalyst for organizations looking to embark on a transformative journey. Revised version: Attendees were exposed to real-life success stories of Workday’s cutting-edge cloud platform tools. The event highlighted how digital transformation can revolutionize business operations, driving growth, enhancing agility, and improving overall competitiveness.

Prioritizing Employee Experience and Engagement: Employee experience and engagement took center stage at the event, emphasizing the critical role they play in organizational success. Experts emphasized the need to create a positive work environment that fosters employee satisfaction and productivity. Attendees gained valuable insights into innovative approaches to talent management, employee development, and fostering a culture of continuous learning, ultimately enabling businesses to attract, retain, and nurture top talent.


Human capital visualization emerged as a key theme at Workday Elevate Tokyo 2023. Attendees learned how data-driven insights can transform workforce management by aligning talent acquisition, retention, and development strategies with business objectives. By visualizing human capital data, organizations can make informed decisions, optimize workforce planning, and drive operational efficiency.


Agility was a pervasive topic at the event, highlighting the need for organizations to adapt and respond swiftly to changing market dynamics. Presentations on building agile organizations focused on creating flexible structures, fostering collaborative teams, and cultivating a culture of experimentation. Attendees gained valuable strategies to navigate uncertainties, drive innovation, and seize opportunities in an ever-evolving business landscape.


The Key to Efficiency: Automation emerged as a game-changer for payroll processing at Workday Elevate Tokyo 2023. Experts shared insights on leveraging advanced technologies, such as AI and machine learning, to automate routine payroll tasks. Attendees learned how automation can minimize errors, enhance accuracy, ensure compliance, and free up valuable resources for strategic initiatives. The partnership between Workday and i-Admin demonstrated how automation can revolutionize payroll processes, allowing businesses to streamline operations and drive productivity.

Workday Elevate Tokyo 2023 showcased the power of collaboration between Workday and i-Admin, charting a new path for the future of payroll processing. This transformative event highlighted the importance of employee experience, human capital visualization, agility, and automation. Attendees left with actionable strategies and insights to empower their organizations in the payroll landscape.

As businesses move forward, embracing the partnership between Workday and i-Admin will be crucial for unlocking the full potential of payroll management. By leveraging the expertise of both entities, organizations can streamline processes, drive efficiency, and empower their workforce for future success. The future of payroll processing is here, and it is defined by the visionary collaboration of Workday and i-Admin. Reach out to us today to find more about i-Admin’s payroll solutions.

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