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A rapidly expanding market

An emerging market, the Philippines is one to watch out for with its rapidly improving business landscape. With i-Admin’s expertise in quality payroll services, you can be rest assured that your business is complying with the local statutory laws.

Here's what we offer in Philippines

  • Payroll Outsourcing 

  • Custodial & Lodgement 

  • HR Administration  

  • Adminbook 

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Statutory Filings

Social Security System (SSS form)


Tax Filings


Year-End Preparation of BIR Form W2/2316

Annual Leave Entitlement in Philippines


Public Holidays


Leave Days

Compensation in the form of either payment or days off must be given if an employee is asked to work on public holidays. The Labor Code states minimum 5 leave days for employees who have served for 12 months. However, if the company has less than 10 employees, they are not legally bound to provide annual leave.

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