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Precise and 

Suitable for your Large Business. 


Simplifying HR & Payroll for your business.

For businesses with more than 200 employees, i-Admin is able to provide full payroll and corporate services for your company, across all industries, anywhere in the APAC region. We work with your existing information and instructions to manage your payroll.

Large businesses with their own internal HR systems and processes will find great use in our platforms and corporate services. Our centralised HR systems and payroll training keep you and your team up-to-date on all payroll administration and statutory compliance for your country.

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Features & Benefits

Streamline HR & Payroll Processes

89.streamline HR.png

Avoid messy handovers and information archiving even with changes in company infrastructure

Ensure Accurate Payments

188.accurate payment.png

Guarantee timely and accurate remunerations for your employees every month

Data Security security.png

Our stringent security monitoring and protocols ensures that your sensitive data is kept in safe hands


186.fully compliants.png

Ensure full compliance with all relevant statutory and monetary policies in your country

Access to Payroll Experts

187.payroll experts.png

Get expert advice on payroll and HR solutions from our dedicated service team

Expand Your Knowledge

92.expand knowledge.png

Onboard new HR personnel seamlessly and keep your HR team up-to-date with our payroll training programmes

Hassle-Free Visa Processing

90.hassle free visa.png

Run your business operations without worrying about complicated visa paperwork and processes

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