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Simple and
Flexible Solution


Perfect for your Small Business.

We look after you, so you can look after your business.

If you have 1-50 people in your company, i-Admin provides customised solutions to suit your business’ needs across all industries, anywhere in the region. For small companies, your time is better spent focusing on running your business.
With our fully compliant Software-as-a-Service solutions, you can rest assured that your HR and payroll needs are being taken care of, no matter where you are.

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Features & Benefits

Focus on Core Business

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Use valuable resources spent on monthly payroll administration on running your business operations instead

Ensure Accurate Payments

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Guarantee timely and accurate remunerations for your employees every month

Fully Compliant

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Ensure full compliance with all relevant statutory and monetary policies in your country

Access to Payroll Experts

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Get expert advice on payroll and HR solutions from our dedicated service team

Flexible Pricing 

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Our no-frills SaaS delivery model means you only pay for the services you need

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